Brand Campaign & Advocacy OPENERS

With the objective of advancing brand scores, Bottle Openers executed digitally integrated brand campaigns across diverse mediums such as television, radio, Influencer, TikTok, and other relevant platforms.

Cream Bell

To increase awareness and sales


To drive the brand imagery for Blackberrys as a rising international fashion label based out of India


To increase brand awareness for Snickers packaging innovation


To drive contest participation on Nutrition among parents & generate more womenpreneurs

Tech Mahindra

To bring consideration & empathy for Tech Mahindra in US market through NFL team – the Jacksonville Jaguars


Increase awareness & drive search results from Tier 2 & Tier 3 markets


Increase awareness of mass market smartphone from Tier 2 & Tier 3 markets

Alcis Sports

To drive the need and create aspiration for sports apparel brand for Tier 2 & Tier 3 markets in segments like tennis, kabaddi, cricket etc.

An integrated launch campaign for Bon Bon, Cream Bell's smallest offering, increased its sale by a whopping 20%, drove footfalls and sales inquiry, along with building brand credibility for the retailer. The digital-first, film-led, integrated brand campaign also utilised all the heavy-hitters, including TikTok, Radio, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and influencers across all social channels with the message that “Ice Cream Ka Short Form” had arrived on the scene.

Lockdown was a tough time for all brands, especially fashion brands, which are driven by external imagery and social conventions. So we took up the challenge for Blackberrys to create compelling audio-visual content for their digital channels that would keep the audience engaged during the Lockdown and make them look forward to choosing Blackberrys as the fashion enabler of their success and rise as soon as India would be unlocked. It helped the brand strike conversations and remain on top of their mind during the Lockdown.

One of the unique cases where a digital campaign went on to TV followed by celebrity influencer campaign. The campaign significantly increased the brand's spont awareness scores by 3 points as per the client research data.

A campaign where a simple contest was converted into a business case of creating more womenpreneurs. In order to strengthen the brand's association with kids’ nutrition, Bottle Openers created the Tupperware Back to School property, in association with schools. In order to bring it alive, we created communication assets, including the logo unit, banner communication, social posts and the campaign website. As a result, over 10k people participated in contest and about 2900 women showed interest in enrolling themselves in the sales program of Tupperware India.

A first-in-India case where Bottle Openers was assigned the task of managing the social communication of the Indian MNC's partnership with an NFL team – the Jacksonville Jaguars, based out of Florida. When Tech Mahindra entered into a technological partnership with the NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars, BO was on-boarded to create and handle the Instagram page of Tech Mahindra, which would serve as the primary platform for all content related to the partnership. For this particular campaign, our team learnt the game of American football from scratch. On the Instagram page titled @UnlockTheNXT, we covered all the 2018-19 season games of the Jaguars live, posted post-match analysis, curated and reposted content about the matches (especially if the team had won) from all around the web.

The page also had some great engagement campaigns and one in particular, #FuelTheFuture for MWC 2019, featured the Jaguars players recording themselves doing a 60-second plank. The scripts were written by us – in essence, making this India's first video campaign featuring NFL athletes.

Designed a campaign specifically for TikTok, to drive traffic and increase search results, that garnered a whooping 6 billion+ views on the platform.

How the brand gained 2 billion views in a span of 3 days and drove more awareness in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets

For India's leading sports apparel brand, we conceptualised and oversaw production of apparel films with Shikhar Dhawan. These films were aimed at, and did increase the engagement with community. In the same year, Alcis was signed on by the Rajasthan Royals to redesign their entire merchandise. We supported Alcis in the transformation of Rajasthan Royal's new pink identity with social and online engagement campaigns featuring coach Shane Warne. The campaign was also instrumental in increasing hits to their e-commerce platform to sell the exclusive merchandise.

Media & E-Commerce OPENERS

Partnering with Google and Facebook, we successfully delivered impactful results for our clients. Analysing industry data from established sources such as TGI, Google, FB, Comscore Planning, etc. the team strategically planned the right media choices for the brands.

Aster Pharmacy

To increase the sales from

Cream Bell

To drive the retailer confidence vis-a-vis brands like Amul, Unilever etc.

Tecno Mobile

To drive the awareness of Tecno Mobile among three markets – Rajasthan, Gujarat & Punjab


Target married women and parents to drive contest & generate leads of women who want to join the sales program of Tupperware.

A full-fledged business E-Commerce case study of UAE's largest pharmacy chain, Aster Pharmacy, which resulted in 35% increase in sales revenue along with 15% increase in AOV.

In order to attract the positive sentiments of retailers and trade fraternity, several retail driven geo-targeted campaigns were deployed not just to drive footfalls, but to also build more confidence for the Cream Bell brand.

The smartphone brand was launched on digital with the core thought “Own The Night”, highlighting the product truth of great low-light photography. The interesting thing around the brand launch was that since the brand was about owning the night, we launched it precisely at sundown in three markets by taking their home page roadblock – Punjab Kesari, Gujarat Samachar and Rajasthan Patrika. These were complemented with highly engaging mobile gesture based innovations. Overall, the 3-state night launch campaign garnered 10 million reach.

Sharply defined media targeting for Back to School campaign, targeted at parents over the age of 28 to drive brand association with children's need for nutrition and also look for womenpreneurs who would want to join the sales program of Tupperware India. As a result of building custom audience on Google, Facebook, Instagram, parenting sites , over 10k people participated in contest and about 2900 women showed interest in enrolling themselves in the sales program.

Amazon Marketing OPENERS

Bottle Openers has provided great results for several global brands, building on the brand’s name and their sales. Our Amazon-certified in-house team strives hard to exceed the clients’ expectations on the e-commerce platform. We have already produced almost 5000 pieces of SEO-friendly, A+ content, capturing the user journey well.

Carrier AC

To grow sales on Amazon and be one of the top 3 players in terms of sales

Faber Franke

To be the No. 1 brand in sales in the Chimney category of Amazon

Alan Truman

To increase online sales of hair dryers and other accessories and efficiently reduce the ACOS


To increase the month-on-month online sales of Joie, which was previously growing at snail’s pace.


To launch the online specific brand on Amazon and grow their sales in the economy segment market

Beetel India

To grow sales of Beetel Products in home security solutions

Carrier India, the inventor of AC (a.k.a the Father of Cool) gained huge traction on Amazon in the Air conditioner category. We started Carrier's Amazon marketing and were able to grow yearly sales figures by 34%, along with 45% reduced ACoS.

The inventor of the modern kitchen chimney completely re-positioned itself in the e-commerce space in India, aided by the efforts of Bottle Openers. In a span of three years, our team helped Faber India increase its e-com share on Amazon not only in the chimney category but also in cooktops, water purifier, geysers, sinks and other categories. In a period of three years, we grew the revenue YOY. We achieved this by devising the right mix of SEO-friendly A+ content based on the A9 algorithm, using the right mix of using Amazon Marketing Services, and Display Marketing on Amazon.

Alan Truman is a premium brand of hair styling tools and accessories. The range of products consists of dryers, straighteners, curlers, Stylers, brushes. Functional design is at the core of all Alan Truman products.

Using multiple ad strategies helped us reduce the ACOS from 50% to 25% and increase the sales by 8X.

The global brand that makes super premium, push chairs, car seats, travel cots, high chairs for kids. Since it is a child-centric brand, it does not compromise on the quality of fabrics and materials.

In order to increase Joie’s online sales, we changed various bidding strategies on sustained basis, which resulted in 2X increase in sales.

An exclusively online kitchen appliance brand by Faber Franke Pvt. Limited. In the short span of a year, the brand gained huge traction in the affordable range of kitchen appliances on Amazon and thus, the trust of its consumers. Over that period, we increased the revenue by 143% and reduced the ACoS by 30%.

The iconic brand once renowned for landline phones has now forayed into home security electronics and mobile accessories. We devised relevant A+ content for the brand, which has since picked up quite aggressively on Amazon.

Community & Traffic OPENERS

No brand today can grow unless they have meaningful dialogues with the consumers and are able to convey it well through the right channels.
Our technologically equipped and ingenious team drives the right conversations around the brand using stimulating and engaging content (stills, animations and videos)sewn with the right SEO techniques. This has time and again proved to be the winning formula, pulling consumers to a brand's owned assets.

Tech Assets OPENERS

With the aim to enhance the consumer journey across both offline and online channels, we design web assets like websites, mobile apps, e-commerce sites, chat bots, etc, and link everything back to driving better results for brands while gaining insights on the latest consumer trends and their behaviours online.

Faber Virtual Showroom

First Ever Real Virtual Showroom on Website to Enhance Omnichannel Consumer Experience
Faber India intended to enhance the Omnichannel Consumer Experience of its products for consumers as well as strengthen its online marketing efforts. For kitchen appliances category, researching online and buying offline is the prevalent trend. Also for white goods, the presentation of showroom plays a very important role in a consumer's buying experience. Through this project, we wanted to bring the complete offline experience of the showroom online. We implemented a category-first innovative technology solution – The Real Virtual Showroom that rests on the corporate website, redefining how a consumer experiences Faber products and concretises the habit of online purchase of Faber products.

Faberkart (built on the latest version of Magento) is not just an e-commerce site, but a core part of Faber's omnichannel strategy with its database being centrally connected to all the online and retail digital assets. It serves various advantages like saving time in upgrading the other assets with product information, cost, etc.

Haers is a 20-year old brand from China. Zhejiang Haers Vacuum Containers Co. Ltd., which is the chief manufacturer of vacuum food containers and vacuum bottles that are specifically designed to meet the needs of millions of consumers worldwide. In order to grow the brand & its business in India, we created an e-commerce site on WooCommerce platform.

The UI/UX of this web asset for the smartphone brand has been designed in such a way that it not only displays all product information in a user-friendly manner, but also allows users to request for extension of their product warranty.

We cater to two business lines under one website. The brand Carrier - the inventor of ACs, and Midea - the online-exclusive home appliances brand. The website framework is built in such a way that it can be easily modified to e-commerce or be integrated with an e-com site, and is well-equipped with all tracking parameters of consumers.

The age-old brand needed to transform its identity, from just a recognised mass manufacturer of white and blue slippers to a reputed and respected footwear brand by showcasing all its key power brands under a single digital umbrella. The objective was also to position Relaxo as a large company beyond its individual brands. We created individual microsites catering to the power brands under one website, while holistically positioning Relaxo as the parent footwear brand. The website was also structured in a manner that it could be ecom-enabled when needed.

Brand Identity OPENERS

It is not just about creating a logo or a tagline. We feel that brand identity is an outward expression on how a brand needs to look, feel, and speak to its audience. Bottle Openers helps you shape and effectively display your brand story to establish a strong connection between the user and the brand

Central Park

Create the identity and launch the school brand from Central Park – a premium real estate developer

Angels In My Kitchen

To transform the visual identity from a BAKERY to a DELECTABLE BRAND

itel Mascot

The magic of iBoy landed in India - launching the brand mascot on digital

United Motors

To design the identity of the world's first electric geared cruiser bike in the Indian market


To design the program for Mothers to promote Nutrition among Kids

We created the brand identity for VIVRITTI, an educational initiative by premium residential developer Central Park. The identity has been created to reflect the vision of the institution - learn, un-learn and relearn - the three most important ingredients for future success. The story of Vivritti comes alive through the logo that defines the purpose of the brand, website UI/UX that guides the consumers and reinforces the brand identity, and social content to drive consideration for the brand.

Angels In My Kitchen is a Delhi NCR-based bakery chain that was sitting on a scrumptious opportunity to create a unique and sweet brand identity that would make them stand out in a spread of local and branded players. It was a very interesting and a tasty brief for Bottle Openers. Our team crafted the imagery from the name itself. Hence, their Angel / pixie / fairy was born.

In order to establish the connect of the product with the target group, itel Mascot iBoy was launched on digital. We created an educational series of videos to bring out the product features across different categories.

In 2017, as other automobile brands were just gearing up to venture into the EV segment, US-based United Motorcycles beat others to the curb by introducing the world's first electric geared cruiser bike in the Indian market. For branding, BO stepped in with a name that electrified UM's key market of urban young males and made them feel like superheroes – UM THOR. It was self-explanatory and instantly memorable.
For THOR's branding, we designed the visual identity, including the logo as it would sit on the bike, the brochures, leaflets, etc, as well as teasers, launch creatives, microsite and live coverage of the launch event on all social platforms along with influencer engagement.
The launch of THOR at the 2017 Auto Expo made quite some headlines, with the country's top auto publications covering it with excitement and conversations on twitter generating more than 94MN impressions. Following the successful launch of UM THOR, we were assigned the branding duties of two more UM cruisers in its Commando series – a blacked-out cruiser (which we christened Black Cat Commando), and a more glamorous variant (called Commando Vegas).

In order to strengthen the association of Nutrition with Tupperare, Bottle Openers created Back to School property in association with schools. The communication included the logo unit, banner communication, social media engagement and the contest website, also featuring expert content on children's nutrition.