4 Important life learnings – The infinite loop.

The learning never stops – if you have to stay relevant in today’s world , you cannot stop learning. When a person is young and inexperienced , they are more willing to learn and absorb anything that comes their way but when one grows older, with more experience, it becomes difficult to learn new things. […]

Convincing your ‘self ‘is not an easy battle!

Last week we were #pitching for a client who is launching a school and we were struggling with the #positioning statement for the school. We studied multiple schools, but the more we researched, the more we got confused about what is unique that we wanted to say. ‘We figured out that the issue was that […]

Defining 7 actionable objectives to master Amazon Campaign Performance

Planning for Amazon sponsored ads success? You must start by identifying and setting objectives for the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) or display campaigns. The long-term goals to advertising remain fundamentally same here too i.e.:   Awareness – Tell your brand story and reach maximum potential audience base Consideration – Reach audience who are in research […]

Being Productive Starts With Defining What Is Productive For You

In today’s world, the two-word phrase “Being Productive” has put a lot of pressure on our minds.  We feel the need to be productive all the time, without even knowing what it actually means. Moreover, we are constantly bombarded with content about productivity tips on our social platforms.   Take a pause. We are all […]